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Indian Association for Crystal Growth

     IACG was born three decades ago. The goal of the IACG is to bring crystal growth community to one platform to work together for the benefit of the Indian society. Crystal growth involves a variety of research fields ranging from surface physics, crystallography, chemical engineering, metallurgy, mineralogy and material sciences to condenser matter physics. Though it has been studied extensively for more than 100 years, crystal growth still plays an important role in both theoretical and experimental research fields, as well as in applications. Crystals are the unacknowledged pillars of modern technology. Without crystals, there would be no electronic industry, no photonic industry, no fiber optic communications, which depend on materials/crystals such as semiconductors, superconductors, polarizers, transducers, radiation detectors, ultrasonic amplifiers, ferrites, magnetic garnets, solid state lasers, non-linear optics, piezo-electric, electro-optic, acousto-optic, photosensitive, refractory of different grades, crystalline films for microelectronics and computer industries.

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